Stand Tall

Never be afraid to express who ya are homegirl (and boy)

This Has To Be The End.

“you’re such a fun, beautiful, loving girl”

I know that and I didn’t need to hear it from you. You just told me that to make me feel “good” and “whole” because that’s what you thought that I “wanted to hear”. The truth is that I don’t need the validation from you because I already know that. I know that I’m fun, and beautiful and loving.

I gave you so much. I gave you all of me. I gave you my happiness, my stress, and my vulnerablitlites and all I asked for back was an ounce of truth. But guess what? Not one ounce of truth ever came out of your mouth. Ever.

Not even when you wanted it to be over.

And let me tell you something about that. I am so ashamed of it.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened with you. Not even the second. But the third (that I know of) for that matter. It makes me sick to think about how my close friends tell my other friends that I love you when they ask.

Because, do I?

I wish I didn’t.



doors, doors, doors.

Here’s some more photograph’s for Behind Closed Doors. I’m thinking of having the photos accompanied by text. Maybe a poem of some sort? Or different quotes. Something to give off a mysterious sense of reality.
Enjoy 🙂





It’s amazing, the curve balls that life can throw at you. Sometimes you think that doors are closed and locked, when really, they’re unlocked and waiting for you to try and open them.

I try to block out any ounce of close-mindedness that even begins to creep into my brain. Because to me, being closed minded means settling. You’re settling for the negative attitude that is so easy to obtain, while literally setting yourself up for more negativity. Being happy isn’t always easy. You have to want it, but most importantly you have to commit to it.

Behind Closed Doors.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few photos
for my photography project using a
Nikon 1400 & Adobe Lightroom.

You never really do know what goes on behind closed doors do you?



I think that traveling is my ideal. Think about it,  you have no roots, nothing really holding you to anywhere. I understand that moving place to place can be lonely, moving somewhere just long enough to make a name for yourself and then leaving. It can definitely create a lonely person, but if you think about it, does it really?  Does it make us lonely, or does it make us rich? Rich with culture? Rich with knowledge? Rich with people from all different paths and lifestyles? The road can be home. The road can leave us with stories, memories, and multiple places to call home.

Stay Positive (but don’t over do it)

It’s so great to have a positive mindset. It makes everything better, trust me. BUT, there’s always a catch….

Being positive is amazing until you feel negative. You get a wash of doubt, insecurity and then that everlasting guilt. Why did you let that situation effect you so much to make you so negative? And honestly, you can’t even answer the question because you don’t even know.

The good news is that there is always a new day, a new hour or even a new minute! Keep your head up and know that everyone gets discouraged. And remember, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.


I want a new sweater knitting partner. Not literally….

But I want someone that when I just want to scream
Will scream with me.

I want someone who will lie there
When I lie there

I want someone who wants me to feel their pain
And they’ll feel mine

Someone who can relate
Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Someone who wants to feel, love, and hate someone all at the same time

But still knows that they will chase them forever

That is what’s dying right now
That feeling and that love

I hope it’s not gone, for us.


The cold air constricted me like a boa.
Between the weather & your cold heart
I’m suffocating

I think so, I hope so

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me that feels it.

You know,

The underlying connection that runs through our veins

our heart

that shocks us both like an electrode

but in a good way.

The wavelength. We share it.

The discreet smiles

Stealing a glance here and there

I think it’s you. I know it’s you.

Do you know it’s me too?

Good Vibes to Start 2017

Happy 2017 to all of you! As we all know, 2016 was full of love and loss, achievements and failures, for some it was the best year of there lives and for others it was the worse. What matters now is that it’s all in the past and 2017 is here with a clean 365 day slate for us, so let’s make the best of it!


I feel as if in the past year or two there has been a lot of uproar surrounding the nature of police. Regardless of your feelings, I am here to tell you that there is good in everything and everyone sometimes. Now believe me, I have had terrible experiences with police officers, and I was not shy about posting it on here and spreading it. But just because I had a bad experience doesn’t mean that I am going to put an umbrella statement over all police  with terrible comments filled with negativity! Just always remember that one person does not define a group and one experience also does not define someone of something as a whole either.

On that note, here is an appreciation post for the Allentown Police!

First of all, the photo above was taken of my friend and I on New Years Eve, just after midnight. We asked a police officer if he would let us on his motorcycle and pose for a photo with us. Instead of being rude to a gaggle of drunk 20-somethings, he laughed, said yes, and posed!

We thought, and hoped (lol) that that would be our only ‘run in’ with the cops for 2017, but we were mistaken! We had stayed in the Renaissance Hotel by the PPL center. I had to work at 8am New Years Day. So at 7:03, when I finally woke up without a car, I immediately called an Uber. Unfortunately, there was only one in the area who “could not find our location”. I honestly didn’t have time to wait for a ride, needing to leave as soon as possible. So me and my two friends stood outside, desperately trying to call another Uber, giggling about how I had work in a mere 45 minutes.

I was eye-ing up a police officer sitting in his car across the street thinking to myself, “I wonder what the odds of him giving us a ride would be”.  Well, it was as if he was reading my mind because with that he rolled down his window and yelled over, “Are you girls okay?”. I immediately walked (okay, it was more of a run) over to the car. “Sir, we are actually not okay. I have work at 8 and really need to get home. I know you’re probably not allowed to do this, but I am desperate. Could you please, please, please take us to my house ? Please, it’s a New Year”. He really contemplated it for a second and then said “Sure”. HE SAID YES. It was the kindest, funniest experience of my life.

I made it to work on time and have this kind office to thank.


Help people. Don’t make vast judgements. Spread the love.

xo, laur